The Next Chapter

Embrace the Importance of Reading

Books bring about big feelings and big ideas that need to be explored. 

For Any Book You & Your Child Read Together –
Explore These Questions

If you could be friends with any character in the book, who would it be and why?
What was your favorite part of the book? Why?
What do you think the saddest part of the story was? Why?
How was the main character(s) similar to you? Different from you?
What more do you want to learn about after reading this book?

Clark After Dark

Kindness means you care about other people. Kind people think about another person’s feelings and not just their own, they help someone who is in need, and they are kind even when others are not.

What do you think kindness means?
Where do you see people being kind most often?
How do you feel when someone is being kind to you?
What is one way you can be a good friend?
What is something you did once that was not very kind?
Who should you be kind to?
How can you be kind at home? At school?

Love is all the things we do to show how much we care about one another, love is kindness.”

Thank You For Continuing The Conversation.