Roxie the Researcher

Roxie the Researcher works in a laboratory; Where she looks at microbes to learn their life story.

She has beakers, and burners, and benches, and flasks, She cleans test tubes and hoses and has lots of tasks,

When she sees a new problem she can’t understand, She dreams up a process, and creates a smart plan.

That plan uses tools that were created long ago, To help researchers like Roxie know where to go.

She uses scientific method to ask all of her Questions, Like what shape is this microb, does it have walls for protection?

The next step in her plan is to Research her thoughts, To help answer the question and connect all the dots.

After questions and research comes the next step in the process, Roxie makes a best guess; which is called a Hypothesis.

Once her best guess is complete she is ready to start, She will do her Experiment; which is the best part!

Second to last is an important location, Because it involves the skill of Observation.

And finally, to explain that she’s reached a Conclusion, Roxie writes a report, to avoid all confusion.

Roxie asks all these questions and publishes a result, So other researchers can take time to test and consult,

Because finding an answer is just a failure to reject, It takes time and more testing to confirm you’re correct.

But for now, she moves on, with a new question in mind, Only time will tell what our researcher will find.

Will she find a new planet, will she find a new plant,

Will her question lead her to a new species of ant?

She will keep researching and looking and writing that’s true, To find all of the wonderous things that are new.