Ashwood Lane Kids

Friends and neighbors, join the kids who live on Ashwood Lane
as they learn, grow and explore the world around them through a series of new books, authored by Quinn Ryan.

“Thank you for authoring such a deep kid’s book. Our son knows when the character is sad or mad and that is so unique in a children’s book. He has retitled it “his name” After Dark and its in the nightly rotation.”

Pete, Dad of two

Honored to have shared Clark After Dark as a part of Woodland Elementary, Leaders Are Readers program!

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“Clark After Dark is the first book my son wants to read after daycare. He loves the pictures and the message is just beautiful.”

Mary, Mom & elementary teacher

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“We love Clark After Dark and have read it every single night since we brought it home.”

Cindy, Mom of two

Meet the Kids

Ruthie, Clark, and their friends on Ashwood Lane discover the joy of friendship and kindness as they journey through challenges and big questions, celebrating who they are and the uniqueness of all children.

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Clark After Dark

Clark After Dark

Clark is a dreamer with a huge universe to explore. But as much as he looks out into the galaxy he can’t help but wonder about our little place in the grand scheme. His observations of the night sky lead him to thoughts about how we all play a role in making the world a better place.

Parents will find support in talking to their kids about feeling helpless in a world full of obstacles, but also finding courage and purpose in a world full of hope.

Rootin Tootin Ruthie and the Candy Bandit

Two young kids find that no matter what they do at night to hide their candy it all goes missing! They call on a little girl named Ruthie to help them figure out how to catch the Candy Bandit and stop the thief from stealing all their treats!

Parents will recognize the value of teaching kids about teamwork and compassion but also how to help care for family pets so they grow up strong and healthy.

Coming to paperback soon!

Rootin Tootin Ruthie

Stories That Say Something

Capture your child’s imagination and voice as they explore their own place in this world through the journeys and lessons of the kids on Ashwood Lane.

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Tips for Reading with Your Kids

Reading leads to questions. What does that mean? What happened? For each Ashwood Lane Kid their journey speaks to a larger idea. Explore these ideas together with our provided questions for you and your child.

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Get Creative

Fun and educational activities and more for each of your favorite Ashwood Lane Kids books.

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Read Alouds
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Quinn Ryan & Family

Quinn Ryan

Quinn Ryan is a new author in the world of children’s literature. The stories that inspire him are about the everyday moments we all experience that make us dream of a bigger world full of love, adventure, and joy. With his partner Linsey and 2 kids; Violet and Clark, he enjoys exploring the northern woods, paddling on rivers and lakes and reading a great book!

Welcome to Ashwood Lane!

We look forward to reading, learning, and growing with you!